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Kendrick Lamar's Favorite Rapper And 6 More Things We Learned From His Twitter Q&A

K. Dot also revealed his favorite song on 'TPAB.'

Kendrick Lamar is an open book in his raps, but he’s not too active on social media. So, of course, the rap world went nuts when TDE announced a Twitter Q&A with K-Dizzle, a chance for fans to ask Kendrick anything.

"We all know K. Dot [is] terrible at social media," TDE's CEO Top Dawg said on Twitter. "I just talked him into jumping on around 4:30 to answer any questions y'all have for him."

Thanks to Top, the TDE rapper answered a few questions in his brief Q&A session, giving us just a little more insight into the To Pimp A Butterfly star.

Even though it was brief, Kendrick shared some interesting info during the session, including the name of his favorite rapper right now and the title of his favorite song off his latest project. Here’s what we learned from K. Dot’s Q&A.

If that didn't answer enough questions for you, here's a look at his in-depth interview with MTV News about To Pimp A Butterfly.