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Tinder’s New Instagram Feature Makes Creeping On People SO Much Easier

Other new updates include seeing people's full list of Facebook interests and all your mutual friends.

If selfie skills and the ability to choose flattering filters are qualities you value in a potential significant other, there’s excellent news: in a new update available Wednesday (April 15), Tinder has introduced Instagram integration, taking Insta-stalking to a whole new level.

The feature allows users to look at the 34 most recent pics on another person’s Insta feed within the dating app itself. If 34 isn’t enough and you want to keep creepin’ on someone’s dope brunch pics and artsy sunset snaps, all you have to do is tap and open Instagram to access their full feed, including likes and comments.


If your Instagram is private, you can still take part — all you have to do is grant access to Tinder and your account will be public only on the dating app. The feature is also completely optional, so if your Insta is clogged up with narcissistic mirror selfies and pics of the cereal you ate for dinner, you might consider sitting this one out for now.

The new feature definitely makes sense, considering how many users already put their Instagram handles in their bios. Plus, it’ll hopefully lessen Tinder’s infamous creepiness factor by giving you a more complete picture of someone, as well as more things to judge them on (which, let’s be real, is basically what everyone does on Tinder anyway).

In another new update, Tinder is also stepping on Hinge’s territory by showing you the mutual friends and friends of friends you have in common with potential matches. Tinder president and cofounder Sean Rad told Mashable, “It will help you better understand who the person is that you’re talking to. When you’re able to asses the degrees of separation between you and an individual it adds a lot of value in the form of context, trust and everything.”

Again, this seems like a smart move on Tinder’s part because it usually feels less scary to date a friend of a friend than a total stranger. Then again, if you’re only on Tinder to look for casual hook-ups, maybe it isn’t such great news.

And in one final update, the shared interests function is getting spruced up by revealing people’s entire list of Facebook interests, rather than just the ones you have in common. Take this as your cue to sift through those ol’ interests and make they’re all up-to-date — no one needs to know you once “liked” Baja Men, Snuggies, or A*Teens. Just sayin’.