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T.I. Is Featured On Young Thug's Barter 6 -- But He's As Confused As We Are

We're all scratching our heads.

By now you've probably heard that Young Thug is dropping a new project on Friday, Apr. 17 called Barter 6--that would actually be called Carter 6, if he had his way.

The fact that Thugga was trying to release something with that title before Lil Wayne put out Tha Carter V has caused, um, mild uproar to say the least.

And even T.I., who's most likely featured on the album, was a little confused when he heard this news. Tip phoned into's DJ Whoo Kid's show this week, and said that despite recording a song with Thug that will probably appear on the project, he was scratching his head about the title.

"I asked Thugga myself man. I said, 'Ayeee, heey bro--What you doing? What's going on? And he basically responded and said, 'I'm doing it to pay homage. That's my favorite rapper.' That's what he told me."

This week Young Thug claimed that a lawsuit threat forced him to change the album title to Barter 6, and he wasn't happy about it. In response, he declared that he'd be performing an album release show in Lil Wayne's New Orleans hometown of Hollygrove, and seemed to be daring Lil Wayne to show up.

At least it's good to know that we're not the only ones who are confused. "I'll be sitting around watching in amazement like everybody else," Tip added.

Hear Thug talk about his plans to release Carter 6 through 10 below.