A Girl Played Rock, Paper, Scissors With A Cop To Avoid A Drinking Ticket: Watch

Choose wisely.

It sounds like something out of a Seth Rogen movie, but this happened IRL at a music festival near Texas A&M University last weekend. When cops at Chilifest suspected a girl of underage drinking, they decided to have some fun with it. They struck a deal with the kid -- if she beats them in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, she gets off without a ticket.

A Vine captured at least part of the incident above. As the footage shows, the girl throws out rock, which defeats the cop's off-screen scissors. The three officers then go on their merry way.

Burleson County Precinct 2 Constable Dennis Gaas -- who hired the officers to work security at the event -- confirmed to KBTX News 3 that these three cops did give a suspected underage drinker the chance to get out of a ticket with a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

It's not letting the girl off the hook that got them in hot water. Officers on security detail can decide to penalize alleged underage drinkers at their own discretion, Gaas said. But if they "play games to get someone out of a ticket, I have a problem with that," he added.

Gaas told News 3 he learned about the incident Monday (April 13) and alerted the officers the following day that they would not be working security at Chilifest in the future. He also notified the departments the officers work for, so their bosses can decide on any further punishment.