Stephanie Pratt Isn't Dating 'Losers' Anymore, Wants Kids With New Boyfriend

The 'Hills' star opens up about her murky romantic history and its turnaround.

If you weren't particularly impressed with Stephanie Pratt's dating stock on "The Hills," you're not alone -- it turns out, she's not thrilled by the memory of boyfriends past either. But she's changed her romantic destiny in a big way...and might even be ready for motherhood?!

Pratt, who stars on the UK's "Made In Chelsea" and met her live-in boyfriend of six months, Josh Shepherd, while filming, told Hello! that the couple's relationship has amounted to a real epiphany about love.

"I was tired of dating guys who didn't do anything or expected me to pick up the bill in a restaurant, then go home with them," she said, noting most of her previous beaus were "losers." "If I'd written down everything I wanted in a man when I was younger, Josh would have ticked every box, then added a few more."

Now that the lovebirds are settling into their shared apartment, Shepherd explained that he and Pratt are taking some serious strides down the path toward matrimony, and even want kids eventually. "We're in it for the long haul," he told the magazine. "Or we would never have decided to live together."

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