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This Guy's Spookily Accurate Robin Williams Impressions Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Jamie Costa captures his voice and facial expressions perfectly.

If there was a great big wheel with a bunch of emotions written on it -- happy, sad, impressed, spooked -- you could spin it and anything it landed on would be accurate to our state after watching this ace impressionist's video.

Jamie Costa posted a tribute to late actor and comedian Robin Williams, featuring a ton of spookily accurate impressions from the actor's films over the years. Williams passed away nearly a year ago, and Costa recreates not only the actor's voice with precision, but his facial expressions as well. In the caption for the video, Costa calls Williams "the man whose spark ignited my passion."

Check out the bittersweet two-minute reel above, and head to Costa's Vine for more amazing impressions. (Where else can you find a dude imitating Matthew McConaughey contemplating farm life? Nowhere I know of, that's for sure.)