Instagram Chef Makes 5-Star Meals With Doritos, Bagel Bites, Go-Gurt And More

The snack food aisle meets fine dining.

There's a new purveyor of food porn taking Instagram by storm, and he's using snack staples like Doritos, Cheetos, Hot Pockets and Gushers to create beautiful dishes worthy of a "Food & Wine" photo spread.

The user goes by the name of Chef Jacques La Merde, and his gourmet creations utilize junk food to surprisingly appealing effect. Even his Insta name is in on the joke -- la merde means sh-t in French.

Just because it's lowbrow doesn't mean La Merde can't employ the same snooty terminology of fellow foodies. His dishes are boosted with garnishes such as "Cinnamon Toast Crunch sand," "Go-Gurt crema" and "savory Kraft Blu Chz anglaise."

The account has amassed over 45K followers since it went active in February.

And while there's no telling how these high/low creations would taste based on a photo alone, it's easy to imagine a store brand chocolate cake pairing pretty well with Peeps and a banana popsicle.