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Is Snoop Dogg Bringing Us Uber For Marijuana?

Oh, Snoop!

Snoop Dogg may have found his post-rap calling.

And yes, you guessed right: It's a marijuana-related business venture. Would we have it any other way?

According to Business Insider, Snoop and his Casa Verde Capital (did you know he had a venture capital firm? 'Cause I didn't) are part of a group of investors who recently put $10 million into a marijuana-delivery startup called Eaze.

The company reportedly works with California dispensaries to bring medical marijuana to patients -- and say they're figuring out an algorithm where they'll be able to make the deliveries in 15 minutes or less. Some are calling it Uber for weed. Others are calling it a day they'll remember forever.

Since it launched in July, it has made more than 30,000 deliveries, according to Quartz.

Currently based in the Bay Area, they've got much bigger plans. “The plan is to be in every market as quickly as possible that allows for medical marijuana and even recreational use of marijuana,” the founder, Keith McCarty, said, pointing to both other areas of Cali and states like Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Colorado and Oregon.

No word yet if Snoop and his crew will become drivers for the company, but we can dream, right?