Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, And Kendall Jenner Lip-Sync ‘I Really Like You’

Squad goals everywhere.

Justin Bieber really, really, really, really, really, really likes to be the ultimate BFF. When he’s not crashing his friends’ concerts for awe-inspiring duets or surprising his fans with “aww”-worthy gestures, he’s taking his talents to YouTube to whip up super silly, FOMO-inducing videos.

After appearing in Carly Rae Jepsen’s music video for “I Really Like You,” Justin has now continued his tradition of supporting Carly with a new homemade lip-syncing video for the song (yep, just like the one he did a few years ago for “Call Me Maybe.” RIP Jelena).

The video’s alternate name might as well be “SQUAD GOALS EVERYWHERE” because the 21-year-old recruited a dream line-up of famous friends to dance around and geek out with him, including Ariana and Frankie Grande, Kendall Jenner, Rixton, Lance Bass, “Empire’s” Bryshere Gray, his dad Jeremy, friends Ryan Butler and Alfredo Flores, singer CL, social media superstar Matthew Espinosa, “The Voice” contestant Kimberley Nicole, and designer Jeremy Scott.

There are SO many important takeaways we got from this video, the three most important being:

  1. Ari should totally add an a cappella version of Drake’s “Know Yourself” to your setlist.

    She kicks off the vid with an operatic take on Drizzy’s line “I was running through the six with my woes.” Don’t question it; she somehow makes it work.

  2. Justin and Kendall would actually make a cute couple TBH.

    At one point they reenact Carly Rae’s exchange with Tom Hanks in the song’s official music video, with Justin mouthing “I’m pregnant” to Kendall. Clearly they’re cool being silly with each other. Maybe we’re starting to ship them just a tiny little bit?

  3. Justin is possibly the cheesiest person on the planet.

    And we mean this in the best way possible. There are his adorable little dances — who even does the Egyptian walk anymore?! Then there are his less-than-stellar scooter skills (and no, we’re not talking about his manager, Scooter Braun, though he does make an appearance in the vid, naturally). Justin’s goofiness is all over this vid and we really, really, really, really, really like it.