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Drake Proves He's Really 'Steph Curry With The Shot' In This Basketball Vid

Drizzy has a jumper.

On “0-100,” Drake brags about being "Steph Curry with the shot,” a nod to one of the best shooters in the NBA. But exactly how great is the OVO rapper's jump shot?

Well, Drizzy showed off his killer J with a game-winning three pointer recently, which the MC posted on Instagram for the world to see.

This might be a bit of redemption after a tough air ball he shot during warm-ups for a Kentucky game last year. After all, this latest shot was much better and it was during a game, not just warm-ups. Guess he's gotten a lot of practice with that basketball hoop in his bedroom.

Drake can do more than shoot. We also know Drizzy’s good with assists. Last year, the MC lent a hand to Terrence Ross during the NBA dunk contest.

We also know he can motivate a basketball squad. Just check out these words of encouragement for Kentucky.

He can even do player intros.

That game-winning three isn't the only thing Drake has to celebrate, OG Ron C, DJ Candlestick and Chopstars' teamed-up to release a chopped version of Drizy's latest mixtape. You can listen to If Youre Choppin This Its Too Late below.