Working Together: Catelynn And Tyler Prepare For Their Meeting With Brandon And Teresa

The 'Teen Mom' couple opens up about their relationship with Carly's legal parents.

Ever since Catelynn and Tyler devised an adoption plan for their little girl back in 2009, the highschool sweethearts have worked to maintain an honest relationship with Carly's parents Brandon and Teresa. Though there have been some misunderstandings along the way -- specifically, Tyler posting a video on social media of the five-year-old after B and T requested that images of their daughter be kept private -- the two couples have remained committed to making sure the lines of communication are open. And on this week's episode of "Teen Mom OG," Cate and Ty spoke with Theresa about an upcoming visit between the foursome and the necessary topics they need to address in order to keep a positive connection.

"You have to really figure out where you stand as birth parents and where they stand as her parents," Cate reveals in the "Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment" below. "Because as birth parents, you feel like, 'Well, I birthed her [and] we love her just like she's our own, so we should be able to do anything we want.'"

"In reality, that's not true," Ty chimes in. "You can't do everything you want, because you sacrificed so they can be in control of all those parenting decisions, which we really respect."

While Cate acknowledges that the difficulties they face with this unique bond are "definitely hard," Tyler articulates when it becomes the most challenging.

"When you want more than they're willing to give...that's where the power struggle comes in where it's like, 'Yeah, I understand you're her parents and we chose you for that, but you would not be parents if it wasn't for me.'"

To hear Catelynn and Tyler candidly address how they're trying to keep a positive rapport with Brandon and Teresa -- as well as how they're adjusting to C's growth -- watch the video. Then be sure to catch a brand-new episode of "TMOG" on Monday at 10/9c when the two couples will sit down face-to-face -- and Catelynn and Tyler will be reunited with Carly.

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