11 Things That Were Brand New Since Brand New Last Put Out Music

Babies, bands, the face of online dating...

I can't fight the puns, so I'm just going to dive in: Brand New is out with a brand new song this week, their first in SIX YEARS. The jam, "Mene," dropped via YouTube -- and fans can grab it right now on the band's website.

A mosh-ready jam if there ever was one, the song is accompanied by a performance footage-replete video, the chorus a macabre singalong of, "We don't feel anything!" Oh, and there's also a very feline Easter Egg at the end there. You'll see what I mean.

Seeing as how it's been six years since Brand New released Daisy, we decided to count down some things that have been brand new over the past five years and change. Check it:

  1. The iPad

    The iPad came out in 2010, at which point it was brand new and everyone kind of thought it was dumb. Joke's on everyone.

  2. The royal baby

    The fanciest baby ever, George Alexander Louis, was born in 2013. He's definitely less brand new now, but no less fancy.

  3. Lil Bub

    This Internet-famous kitty was born in 2011, bringing a brand new brand of cuteness unto the world.

  4. Tinder

    Dating got all brand new in 2012 when Tinder allowed us all to pass swift and cruel judgment on others -- and subsequently send them awkward, creepy messages.

  5. 5 Seconds of Summer

    Every dude in this band was born in 2011. JK. The band was BRAND NEW in 2011, as that's when the Australian dude band was born.

  6. Instagram

    The ability to take photos of your food (WITH a Walden filter) was brand new in 2010, when Instagram launched.

  7. Brian Lane's side project band, Shone

    Lane launched his brand new band that wasn't Brand New, Shone, in 2013. It was super creepy and cool.

  8. Obama

    Obama was brand new around the last time that Brand New's music was brand new.

  9. Lorde

    Lorde put out her first record, Pure Heroine, in 2013. She was oh-so brand new then.

  10. Man buns

    OK, so they've been around for a while now, but in 2015 the man bun was introduced to a BRAND NEW generation as all these pop stars and whatnot sported them. Hopefully today's youth who may not be into Brand New embrace their music with similar fervor.

  11. Our Excitement over Brand New's new music

    I mean, we're all pretty stoked, right?