Janelle Monae Wants You To Let Your Booty Do The 'Yoga': 6 Simple Poses

Bend it.

A few times a week, when I’m really on my #EatPrayLove, I submit my body to 105-degree temps and excruciatingly awkward poses -- literally, "Awkward" -- all for the transformative afterglow (and toned gluteus) that Bikram yoga promises. But after seeing Janelle Monae's booty-popping new video for "Yoga," I think I might be doing it wrong.

You see, in Janelle's world, the yoga studio is as good a place as any to turn up. So she and her girls get to bending and dropping -- with an assist later in the clip from her dapper Wondaland Records artist Jidenna.

And while we spotted a few signature postures (or asanas as the yogis call them), Janelle and her squad are more about Salutations to the Club than Salutations to the Sun. Grab your crew and try six of the most third-eye-opening moves.

  1. Put Your Back In It

    Janelle's girls seem to be approximating a version of the Camel Pose.

  2. Flying Lotus

    While I've meditated, I definitely haven't levitated in this position. Leave it to Q.U.E.E.N. Monae to vibrate ... higher.

  3. Getting A Leg Up On The Competition

    They call this Standing Bow Pulling Pose -- um, Standing Bow Pulling Pose In Red Stilettos.

  4. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

    Who's the flyest yogi of them all? Has to be Janelle for chucking the Lululemon pants in favor of distressed jeans, black crop top and a Rapunzel-worthy fishtail braid.

  5. This Pose Is The Inspiration For (The Very Necessary) Prayer Hands Emoji

    Janelle strikes a Prayer Pose! Did her guru suddenly walk in on her?

  6. Dance of Fire

    We close class with a calming Breath of Fire -- Janelle wraps it up her way: "Crown on my head but the world on my shoulder."

  7. Flex It, Drop It

    Dare you to watch this video in its entirety AND resist the temptation to drop that kitty.