And The Title Of 'Best Follower Of Guy Code' Goes To...

Any way the vote went, nice guys were going to finish first.

We found them, you voted, but let's face it, the nominees for "Best Follower Of Guy Code" did the real work by helping others with their various good deeds.

While they all made us want to be better champions of Guy Code, the lota Phi Theta fraternity of Kean University -- who decided to give a house to a homeless single mother -- overwhelmingly won, taking home 70% of the votes.

The fraternity's efforts were spearheaded by senior Tosin Oduwole, who had brainstormed creative ways to give back. They landed on the amazing idea of purchasing a vacant lot and building a house for Jovanni Franklin, whom Oduwole had met at a homeless shelter, and her young son.

Though the lot has been purchased, the project is still in progress and the fraternity brothers hope to have the house built this summer. To do this, they are raising money through their GoFundMe page, where you can donate, share and help their mission go viral.

"We are very excited and pleased that the MTV community voted as much as they did and recognized the work we are doing," Oduwole said, adding that he hopes it will help the fraternity reach their funding goal and increase support for their overall cause.

Thanks to all of this year's nominees, we feel reassured knowing that there are this many guys out there killing it as human beings. And since they inspire us to do the same, we're all technically winners.

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