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Beyoncé Has A Surprising Connection To 'Pretty Little Liars'

So when is Bey headed to Rosewood?

Beyoncé? More like BeyoncA, if you know what I mean.

The "Drunk in Love" singer is officially part of the "Pretty Little Liars" family -- well, kinda. Over the weekend, Bey's mom Tina Knowles married actor Richard Lawson, Bianca Lawson's (Maya St. Germain) dad. This makes Lawson and Beyoncé stepsisters. And Shay Mitchell is now only two degrees of separation away from her "***Flawless" idol.

Despite being killed off "Pretty Little Liars" in the season three finale, Lawson's character Maya still remains fan-favorite among fans. In fact, some even believe Maya could still be alive. (Because is anyone ever dead in Rosewood?)

Maya and Emily (Mitchell) were crazy in love until Maya's murder. If you're anything like us, you still well up with tears at the mere thought of Emily seeing Maya's body get wheeled away in a body bag.

Given Lawson's history in Rosewood, could we expect Beyoncé to make a cameo on "Pretty Little Liars?" Probably not. But that didn't stop us from dreaming up a few potential storylines for Bey.

  1. Beyoncé is A.

    We know Charles is A, but what if Beyoncé is Charles?! It would explain why A has so much money to build life-size dollhouses equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and booby traps. Plus, we've never seen A's face IRL, so for all we know, Beyoncé's face could be hiding under that hoodie.

  2. Beyoncé performs at prom.
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    Every teen show needs at least one cameo performance from a band, and what better time than prom? "The OC" had Rooney, "Gossip Girl" had No Doubt and "Pretty Little Liars" will have Beyoncé.

  3. Beyoncé plays a college admissions advisor.
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    In case you forgot, our girl Beyoncé Knowles isn't just a pretty voice -- she can act, too. And with college just around the corner for the Liars, Bey could play a college admissions advisor for one of the girls. You know, if and when they escape from A's creepy dollhouse.

  4. Beyoncé discovers Emily's talents and asks her to join her on tour.
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    We know Emily has major moves, so imagine if Bey came to Rosewood looking for a new backup dancer. Em doesn't really have any college plans yet, so she could totally drop everything to join Beyoncé on tour. Wouldn't you?