Super-Fan Builds

The Iron Throne From 'Game Of Thrones' Is Now A Toilet In Real Life

Who shall sit on the porcelain throne?

It was only a matter of time before someone thought to turn the legendary "Game of Thrones" Iron Throne into a toilet. Quite frankly, we're shocked it took until season five for it to happen.

"Super-Fan Builds," a web series that designs real-life props from popular movies and TV shows, finally fulfilled this prophecy. The show's team designed the extravagant bathroom addition for "GoT" superfan John Giovannazi, who owns a bar called Complex in Glendale, California -- aka the Iron Toilet's current home.

Super-Fan Builds

The whole thing started when a friend submitted a "Super-Fan Builds" application for Giovannazi. His bar is known for its "nerd events" and "GoT" draft beer, she said, so an Iron Throne-themed toilet for the venue seemed appropriate.

Hollywood prop designer Tim Baker led a team of artists and builders to forge the faux-Iron Throne for the bar's restroom. The toilet itself is comprised of over 200 (!) fake swords and is coated with waterproof resin (the real thing may be able to withstand dragon's breath, but can it handle splashback?). Knowing that a sharp, pointy toilet may not be the safest idea for a drinking establishment, the team decided against using any actual metal in the structure.

Watch them build the impressive seat below:

And now bar patrons can use a porcelain throne modeled after the sword-emblazoned seat of power that Westeros residents literally kill for. George R.R. Martin has to be proud of this.