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Watch This 'GTA' Player Make The Biggest Livestream Blunder

Thanks to his mistake, a viewer got a free copy of 'GTA V.'

Livestreaming is gaming's latest frontier, and it explains the massive fame of people like PewDiePie (as much as something like the stardom of PewDiePie can be explained). But it's still new to a lot of gamers, so there are some kinks to work out.

See, for instance, "GTA V" player MrBossFTW, who was so excited to stream his multiplayer session with his bros that he accidentally blasted out his activation code for all of the internet to see.

(For you non-gamers, a unique activation code comes paired with digital copies of software to ensure that the game isn't bootlegged. This misstep is the gaming equivalent of Instagramming your credit card.)

You can watch it all go down below. The excitement is tangible as the guy nears the last steps of installation -- "Link the account! Here we go, boys." But when he clicked to activate his game, he got the dreaded "code is already in use" message.

Why would you begin streaming while still installing the game? Why would you watch an installation stream? We may not know the answers to these questions, but we know some hawk-eyed spectator noticed the blunder and scooped up the code before MrBossFTW could use it. Naturally, the friends had a good laugh at his expense.

Let this be a lesson to any livestreaming n00bs out there -- clear your windows before starting that session.