This 'Walking Dead' Star Is Going To Show 'The Flash' Why Bees Are Just As Scary As Zombies


Ever since sweet songstress Beth of "The Walking Dead" met an untimely end, Emily Kinney has been having a great time playing against type.

Kinney's roles since leaving the zombie drama have definitely erred on the dark side, and her next one is in a similar vein, as she'll be turning up on "The Flash" tonight (April 14) as brilliant, deranged villainess Brie Larvan, aka the Bug-Eyed Bandit.

The actress was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly in advance of her big "Flash" debut, where she offered some insight into her character's motivations:

"She’s a person who isolated herself from the world. She’s been holding a grudge against the people who fired her," Kinney said. "She’s been creating these mechanical bees and they were worried she was mostly using them for evil, so she got fired and her career was ruined by this company. Now she’s been using her bees and her computer skills to cause havoc and get revenge."

Yes, you read that right: Emily Kinney will be arriving in Center City, with chaos on her mind, commanding an army of robot bees.

This might seem like a step backward in terms of sheer horror after all of Emily's years battling zombies on "The Walking Dead." But if you think about it, you'll realize: Bees are totally as scary as zombies. Or possibly even scarier! For example:

  • They both have absolutely no sense of self-preservation when it's time to attack.

    Zombies will fall off ledges or impale themselves on stakes in their mindless pursuit of a warm meal. And bees? They'll rip their entire hind end off for the privilege of leaving a stinger buried in your epidermis.

  • They both travel in packs.

    Zombies mill about in hungry hordes; bees form deadly swarms. Same difference, really.

  • They both produce a useful, highly smear-able substance inside their bodies.

    Just think of it as "undead honey", Glenn! You'll be putting it on your toast in no time.

  • And the one big way in which bees are more terrifying than zombies: They're small enough to get you no matter where you hide.

    Case in point: A cage helmet might have offered reasonable protection against zombie bites, but NOT THE BEES. Never the bees!