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Watch John Green And 'Paper Towns' Star Nat Wolff Adorably Tease Each Other

Plus, a status report on "Looking For Alaska."

As lovely as "The Fault In Our Stars" was and as the upcoming "Paper Towns" promises to be, there's no denying that there's an appeal to buying a ticket to the John Green Show, the consistently fun and jokey interviews the author gives around the film adaptations of his novels.

Last night (April 12) at the MTV Movie Awards red carpet was no exception. He stopped to chat with MTV News alongside Justice Smith, the newcomer who plays Radar in "Paper Towns," and Nat Wolff, who played Isaac in "Fault" and is the lead, Quentin, in "Paper Towns." The two have an epic bromance, one that was displayed on stage when "The Fault In Our Stars" won Movie of the Year, as well as on the carpet before the show. And it hilariously, jokily, fell apart before our very eyes.

"We became best friends," Wolff said of co-star Smith, who plays his character's best friend in the movie as well. "John was kind of a third wheel a little bit, but still a buddy."

After Wolff insisted that he loved every book Green wrote, Green might not have quite reciprocated.

"When I see a movie that Nat made that I don't love, I don't focus on what I didn't love, I focus on what I did love, which is the parts with Nat in it," Green said.

"I've never been in a not-amazing movie," Wolff said, faux-offended.

Between breaking down the first clip of the movie, which premiered during the pre-show ("The poor guy, the actor had to walk around with this creepy, fake, this big bulge on his head," Wolff said of the eyebrow shaving scene), Wolff and Green sparred verbally.

"We're so lucky," Wolff said of having been in both of Green's adaptations. "It's been life changing professionally but also personally. We've become so close."

"Now I can't write without seeing your face," Green told Wolff.

"I can't wake up in the morning without seeing your face," Wolff said.

Alas, all the sweetness can't last. When trying to describe what kind of superhero Wolff would be, Green turned on his actor friend.

"I don't know, I was trying to make fun of your shoes," he said. "Actually, those are fantastic shoes."

"This is the last interview John Green and I will do together, this is also the last time we'll be seen in public together," Wolff joked (we think). "It was wonderful working with you, I don't like your next book."

"Paper Towns" hits theaters July 24.