9 Questions About Hillary Clinton Everyone Feels Weird Asking

Let's just put it all out there...

Hillary Clinton is a lot like Beyonce: She's been famous since the 90s, is cooler than her husband, and everyone wants to know who the f--k she really is.

Hillary Clinton

So it was pretty obvious that when Hillary announced she's running for president, we were going to have a few questions...


  1. If She's President, What Is Bill?

    While Sarah Palin's husband liked to be called "First Dude," and some people have suggested "First Gentleman," for Bill, it's probably best he sticks with "Former President Bill Clinton," as that's like, what he is.

    But it's also rumored that if Hillary does win in 2016, they might even go for Mr. and Mrs. President, which is accurate but a little confusing...

  2. Wait, So We Might Have Two Presidents Who've Done It With Each Other?

    Wow! You went there! Yes, Bill and Hillary have a daughter, Chelsea, so they have, um, "done it." However, there's no evidence to suggest they'd be the *first* U.S. presidents to achieve such a feat...

  3. Isn't She Kind Of Old?

    Old in what way? If we're playing a numbers game, Hillary will be 69 in November 2016, which makes her just a few months younger than Ronald Reagan was when he was elected. So while she'd be the first woman president, she'd only be the second oldest.

  4. Yeah But Can She Still Have Fun?

    Fun is subjective, but just so you know, Hillary certainly has a wild streak. She was writing cat books before cat books were even a thing!

  5. What Is Going On Here?

    We'll get back to you on that one.

  6. Is She Still Mad At Obama For 2008?

    Not likely! Obama picked her to be the Secretary Of State from 2009-2013. Those two might have their differences, but it seems like there's a good amount of respect between them.

  7. So Can Joe Biden Be Vice President Again?

    If you want the VIP of VPs to hang tight at the White House for four more years, you're in luck. There are no set term limits for the Office of Vice President! However, if Biden did become someone's running mate, the Supreme Court would probably have to approve it first.

  8. Who'd Perform At Her Inauguration?

    Speaking of Beyonce, her "At Last" moment at Obama's 2008 Inauguration Ball had fans everywhere literally screaming, "YES WE CAN!!!" But if Hillary wins, who would she pick to bring down the house?

    Well, if this tweet is any indication, it looks like Ariana Grande wouldn't mind being asked....

  9. How Will We Know When She Means Business?
    Oh, you'll know.