Brooke Mixon

This Fan's Tattoos Are Lady Gaga-Approved -- And AMAZING

Her love for Gaga is forever -- and so is this ink.

Brooke Mixon was touched by the paw of Mother Monster herself when Lady Gaga RT'd a snap of her fan tattoos this past weekend. Gaga had good reason for letting her "Poker Face" slip and her admiration show -- the tattoos are seriously ART(POP).

"I was in awe!" Mixon told MTV News of her Gaga-fied shout-out. "I cried -- I never thought she would know I existed!" The 22-year-old dog groomer from Lovington, New Mexico, got all of her tats from Twisted Rabbit Tattoo in San Marcos, Texas -- her first being a portrait on her right arm.

"I am deeply inspired by her," Mixon said. "I believe in everything she stands for. She is the reason I know what it feels like to be loved. The Little Monsters have been my family and it is because of Gaga that we have each other's love and support. I am brave because she showed me its OK to be who I am."

Check out Mixon's incredible ink below:

They look kind of similar, no?

Brooke Mixon

I feel like this is what people mean when they say 'fierce.'

Just a selfie with Gaga.

There is no love. There is no hate. There is only Gaga.

Shady lady.

She's got basically every album repped.