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See The 4 Hairstyles Katy Perry And Rihanna Used To Beat The Heat At Coachella

Spring = yay. Warm weather = big time yay. Dealing with my hair in humidity slash temperatures above 65 degrees = nay. Fortunately, Coachella exists, occurs in the desert, and is attended by my faves, all of whom manage to look totally polished and effortless in, like, 95 degree weather. While Justin Bieber tried out a ponytail this weekend, there were a few more intricate styles that deserve our attention.

Katy Perry and Rihanna, for example, hit up the festival this weekend and each showed off multiple warm weather hairstyles that will serve all of us well through the spring and summer. Let's take a closer look.

  1. Crown braid
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    For Day 2, Katy opted for a very envy-inducing crown braid, leaving a few face-framing pieces in the front. It has a very ~undone, but in an intentional way~ vibe, which is 100% perfect for Coachella/my life, weirdly.

  2. Braided pigtails

    That night, Katy let her braids down (well, they're definitely different, longer braids, but you know) for a Moschino party hosted by Jeremy Scott. Katy's braided pigtails were, overall, a sleeker look and allowed her huge hoop earrings to shine.

  3. Low bun
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    For her final look, Katy went with a simple bun, which had approximately zero fly-aways. How? I don't know, but it's definitely something to strive for—#hairgoals.

  4. Bobby pin party
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    Rihanna's new hair made its festival debut on Saturday and was kept in check by a bunch of bobby pins. One way to definitely make sure your hair doesn't frizz in humidity? Load it up with bobby pins. Done.

  5. Braided pigails, part II

    In a move that has Katyanna stans freaking out, Rihanna ALSO wore braided pigtails on Day 3. Does this mean I should plan on returning to the hairstyle I preferred for softball games in 7th grade? It's certainly looking that way—if both Rihanna and Katy are into something, it's hard to ignore it, TBH.

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