Tyler Posey Visits 'Ridiculousness' And Explains Why Wolves ROCK

Meanwhile, host Rob Dyrdek shows the 'Teen Wolf' star that everyday people can have awesome powers too.

We knew it was only a matter of time before Tyler Posey graced Rob Dydrek and the "Ridiculousness" cast with his presence. After all, the fearless TyPo is certainly no stranger to being in highly entertaining videos — evidenced by personal clips like this, this and this. And his upcoming appearance on the show comes in the nick of time, 'cause we totally need something (anything, really) to tide us over until "Teen Wolf" makes its return this summer.

In the "Ridiculousness" sneak peek below, TyPo talks about what he knows best: the keen, inhuman senses of the supernatural. As any "TW" fan knows, werewolves are harder, better, faster, stronger (Kanye reference) than the average Joe thanks to their heightened, well, everything -- including sense of smell.

"What's [the wolf] smelling for?" Rob asks. "People to kill?"

"Munchies," TyPo says without missing a beat.

On the flipside, however, Rob shows that there are everyday folks who may not be bona fide lycanthropes but still have lightning-fast reflexes. Some have successfully dodged flying debris, while others have evaded out-of-control motorbikes, giant trucks and -- well, watch the clip to see for yourself. And be sure to catch the full episode of "Ridiculousness" (guest-starring our beloved TyPo) this Thursday at 10/9c!