Warning: If You're Already Afraid Of The Doctor, Avoid This 'Teen Wolf' Season 5 Teaser

A brand-new terror is about to strike Beacon Hills.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...unless, of course, you live in Beacon Hills. Then, you might consider a portcullis.

When "Teen Wolf" returns this summer for its much-anticipated fifth season, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin and BHHS' most fearless bunch of supernatural heroes will be thrust into a brand-new battle. This time around, "The Doctors" will land on the small town, and in the video below, it looks like they're equipped with more than just scalpels, cotton balls and tongue depressors. Their choice instruments seem to include needles, liquid-filled torture chambers and a certain perverse power drill that could cut through a coconut without much trouble. In short: the fundamental elements of any human being's nightmares. Hope you've got a reliable nightlight...

(Seriously, what the HELL is that last device...?)

Take a look at the video, and hang tight for the brand-new "Teen Wolf" season, which premieres later this summer!