Tinder In The '80s Would Have Been A Retro Nightmare: Watch

Think Tinder is horrible now? Love could've been just a floppy disk away.

Most Tinder users (well, maybe just the ones who aren't paying $19.99/month, anyway) are too young to remember that before hookup apps and online dating sites, the only matchmaking game in town was video dating. It's quite a leap we've made as a species, going from recording testimonials and rewinding VHS tapes to snapping a selfie and swiping right.

And now a pitch perfect video envisioning Tinder in the '80s has bridged the gap. The nostalgia-loving YouTube troupe SquirrelMonkeyCom visualizes how users would've filled out a computer dating form and booted up an "installation diskette" before being dropped into the MSDOS universe of cyber-dating and keypad-right matching:

The nostalgia lovers behind this video also reimagined Facebook for the '90s, as well as YouTube for the Clinton era:

They're all a nice reminder of just how good we have it now.