Jimmy Fontaine

Wale Tells A Cautionary Tale In His 'The Girls On Drugs' Video

Off of his The Album About Nothing, out now.

It starts off fun and innocent.

A few friends playing around at the gym, before retreating to one of their apartments. There, they pour some drinks and smoke a little somethin'.

That's how "The Girls On Drugs," Wale's new video, which premiered on MTV on Monday (Apr. 13), opens up.

From there, the ladies hit the club, where they run into Folarin, and he heads back to his hotel with one of them -- but the night doesn't end up the way he'd hoped.

"What's really wrong with you?" he asks, after their night takes a turn. "What I see right now, I see a little girl, scared, confused, don't know what to do, that look for Instagram likes and H&M sales."

She can't handle it, and runs off, leaving Wale, again, alone.

"I'm trying to get me a real woman to take out," he raps on the song, "but for now, they're wild, they rather get it in."

The girls on drugs.

Watch Wale get personal as he talks about The Album About Nothing with MTV News below