Rand Paul/Twitter

6 Times Politicians Tried To Connect With The Kids On Twitter

From sick burns to sweet selfies, it's nice to see they're trying.

Presidential candidates will try (almost) anything to get the youth vote, and Twitter is an easy way to appeal to the youths without seeming like they're trying too hard. But just like that time your dad tried to Dougie, sometimes they're better off leaving the pop culture commentary to the professionals.


Here are a few times prominent politicians tried to slam dunk 140 characters or less...

  1. Rubio Is Playing A Game Of Thirst

    Marco Rubio teased his presidential intentions during the season 5 premiere of "Game of Thrones" last night, tweeting "Big news is coming," in the HBO show's signature font. It didn't take long for the team at the Democratic Party's official handle to get started with some memes of their own, stylizing the Republican hopefuls as different houses.

    They took a shot at one of the more notable Rubio moments — the much-spoofed 2013 State of the Union response video where he took a sip of water mid-speech — writing "ours is the thirst" under a plastic water bottle sigil. Burn or nah?

  2. McCain Is All GTL OR GTFO

    In 2010, Snooki hit up twitter to bemoan President Obama's tax increase for tanning beds. In response, McMain called his former-opponent's policies "quite The Situation." For the eternally bronzed shore-dwellers, this is clearly a critical issue. Good to know McCain's got their backs.

  3. Romney/Ryan Probably Shipped Tyla, Too

    During the 2012 election, the Republican duo regularly used this all-time-favorite inspo quote from "Friday Night Lights" to hype up support for their campaign: "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose." Except they did. Womp, womp.

  4. Hillary Scored A Touchdown On Fox News

    The folks at the more conservative network aren't necessarily fans of Clinton, so it makes sense that she couldn't resist a topical dig during the 2014 Superbowl. Here's to more sick burns in 2016!

  5. Chris Christie Is On Fire For The Boss

    Bruce Springsteen is an ageless angel, and no one loves him more than New Jersey governor, Chris Christie. He's made it no secret how much he admires the Boss at every available opportunity: He's gotten really defensive about how he and Bruce are in-fact tight and has openly fan-girled about hugging him. Maybe this is why Christie believes he was born to run (for president).

  6. Rand Paul Celebrated Festivus With The Rest Of Us

    Get your pole out of the crawl space! The "Seinfeld"-sanctioned secular holiday was something this 2016 candidate could get behind. He spent the bulk of December 23, 2014 tweeting out his list of grievances to the President and to his followers. At least he capped it off with puppies. A Festivus miracle, indeed.