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Eminem Is The Only Feature On Yelawolf's Love Story -- And We Finally Get To Hear It

Shady and Yela team up once again.

Yelawolf's second studio album Love Story, arrives on Apr. 21, and a week ahead of the official release date, we finally get to hear his latest collaboration with Eminem.

On Yela's last album, he teamed up with Shady for the memorable and aggressive track "Throw It Up," but this time around things are a bit more subdued -- and even a little spiritual.

The Alabama rapper opens the song with multiple references to God and the church, before Em jumps in with a lengthy verse, where he references a best friend, his higher power and the late Proof.

The Detroit rapper, one of Eminem' closest friends, was fatally shot in a nightclub on Apr. 11, 2006, almost nine years to the date that we're first hearing this song.

"Who you think I'm talking bout?/ Lifts me up when I'm down and out," Em raps, "Still look to him without a doubt, still got a best friend."