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Teen Robin Hood Allegedly Steals Thousands From Grandfather, Gives It To Friends

The 13-year-old allegedly handed out nearly $25,000 in Benjamins.

Whenever you hear about a kid stealing from parents (or see it depicted in Hollywood), it's usually a small sum of cash snatched from a wallet or purse while the parent isn't looking -- maybe to fund a night out or something a bit more nefarious.

A 13-year-old in Ohio allegedly upped the stakes and swiped $25K from his grandfather before distributing the cash to classmates in $100 bills like some middle school version of "Robin Hood."

The student allegedly lifted the money from the 83-year-old over spring break, The Medina-Gazette reported Friday (April 10). When school was back in session, the teen started doling out Benjamins to his friends and classmates at Claggett Middle School in Medina Township, Ohio.

By the time administrators found out about this unofficial wealth redistribution program last week, "quite a bit" of the money had been given away, according to authorities. So far, police have recovered about $7K as well as some of the property purchased with the cash.

As for what spurred this kid's alleged charitable crime and how he even got his hands on all those C-notes, the cops are at a loss.

"We don’t know the details on how that occurred,” Medina Sgt. Brett McNabb told The Medina-Gazette. "We're still very early into this investigation. It's going to take a great deal of follow up."

He added that "several adults are under investigation for their role in this incident," but that it's too early to know whether charges will be filed against them or the teen suspect.

"I've never heard of a situation like this in the 17 or so years I've been a police officer," McNabb said. And it was probably the last thing Gramps thought would happen to his retirement funds.