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See Every Performance, Twerk And Nut Grab Of The Movie Awards In 60 Seconds

Give it a minute.

Missed the 2015 MTV Movie Awards? Shame on you! Get thee to thy DVR!

But before you do that more thorough catch-up, we have a quick fix for you: why not watch the entire show in 60 seconds? (Because if you cut corners in Movie Awards, you cut corners in life, but you already learned that from your cross-stitch wall hanging.)

From "Neighbors" stars Zac Efron and Dave Franco engaging in some vigorous nut-grabbing to celebrate their Best Duo win to electric performances by Tinashe, Charli XCX, Fall Out Boy and more, we managed to condense it down to 60 electric seconds for your viewing pleasure. Need to see host Amy Schumer's bananapants jokes? We've got it. We've got it all.