Christopher Polk/MTV1415/Getty Images for MTV

These One Direction Fans Need A Hug After Amy Schumer's Zayn Joke

Here's why their anger is all in vain.

When the MTV Movie Awards kicked off on Sunday night (Apr. 12), host Amy Schumer got things off to a great start when she delivered a monologue zinger about Zayn Malik's replacement in One Direction: Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton finally announced she’s taking Zayn’s spot in One Direction,” Schumer said. “The first woman in One Direction. I never thought I’d live to see the day!"

Seems innocent enough, right? Well, to One Direction fans, the joke appeared to be too much too soon:

... Yikes. But here's why you shouldn't get upset about Schumer's joke, 1D fans: because Hillary Clinton is awesome. We know that Zayn will never, ever be fully replaced, but if he could be, we think the man himself would be OK with his follow-up being a Yale graduate attorney who has served as Secretary of State, First Lady, and New York State Senator. (Even though he's British. The British can still love Hillary.)

So let's all take a collective sigh of relief together, fellow fans -- Schumer meant no harm, and believe it or not, the pain that you're feeling will not only make you stronger, it will eventually fade away altogether, meaning that the hurt and rage you're feeling right now will soon mean nothing. So why feel it at all, guys? Why feel it at all...