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Bella Thorne's 'Scream' Role Will Be 'Bloody' And Full Of Skin

The actress opened up to MTV News about her upcoming roles in 'Scream' and 'Famous in Love.'

With reporting by Kase Wickman

There were a ton of moments during the 2015 Movie Awards that made us want to hide behind our couch, like when Zac Efron’s shirt came undone and when the “Magic Mike” guys stormed the stage.

Hahahaha, JK — obvi those were the moments that made us practically climb on top of our TV for a better view.

But in all seriousness, there WAS one semi-horrifying moment that gave us goosebumps: the premiere of the trailer for MTV’s upcoming small-scream adaptation of “Scream.”

Bella Thorne was on hand to debut the trailer, which was creepy in all the best ways. And before the show, MTV News caught up with the 17-year-old and got her to dish a bare-y unbelievable confession.

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“My top secret role in ‘Scream’ is definitely going to be bloody,” Bella told us. “It’s gonna show the most skin I have ever shown on a TV show or a movie before. And it’s a freakin’ kick-ass scene.”

Bella went on to show us her epic “silent scream face” (she’s been raving at Coachella all weekend and joked that she couldn’t demonstrate her pro shriek for us because she “already sounds like a man”). And, in case you had any doubt, the title of the show is just a misleading ruse -- let her assure you that there WILL be gore. “Oh, yeah, I scream,” she said. “It’s there.”

The multi-talented beauty also told us about her totally different but equally as awesome-sounding project in the works: the ABC Family series, “Famous in Love,” which is being produced by “Pretty Little Liars” boss Marlene King.

“‘Famous in Love’ is about a girl who gets plucked from obscurity from UCLA to star in a new sort of, like, ‘Twilight’ saga, and it’s about her balancing fame and all of that with falling in love with two boys,” Bella revealed.

The whole concept of a young girl being thrown into fame is something that Bella admits she can totally relate to. “I think, yes, this mirrors a lot of my life because we’re taking you inside,” she said. “If you ever wondered what it’s like to be Kristen Stewart or Natalie Portman or anything like that, we’re taking you inside. And since we’re all actors, we really understand the way it should be. So it’s going to be real.”

And despite Bella’s inner circle status with King and our own valiant efforts, we couldn’t get her to spill any secrets she may have about A’s identity on “Pretty Little Liars.”

“No, I don’t know who A is!” Bella told us. “No, no, they keep that in a box somewhere. I don’t even know where. I’ve asked Marlene, she won’t tell me.”

Sigh. We tried, guys.