6 Times Your Favorite Celebs Got Super Handsy At The Movie Awards

The suspense tonight was just (ahem) gripping.

Although the stated purpose of gathering at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live tonight (April 12) was to celebrate the greatest films and performances of 2014, it just wouldn't be an MTV Movie Awards without a few stray hands -- or mouths! -- finding some unwitting targets.

From groping to grabbing to smooching to a ceremony-ending, six-person hug-a-thon, these were the best moments of physical contact to be caught by MTV's cameras tonight, ranked from least appropriate to the most innocent.

  1. Cara Delevingne casually strokes an usher

    You can't just put a chiseled, half-naked torso within stroking distance and expect a girl not to touch it.

  2. Charli XCX not-so-casually strokes a microphone

    This microphone will wait weeks before finally accepting that Charli isn't gonna text him back, despite the magical connection they made onstage.

  3. Dave Franco milks Zac Efron

    The accessibility of Zac's nipples proved too much for Dave to resist when they took the stage to accept their award for Best Comedy Duo.

  4. And Zac Efron raises the bar... or lowers it

    After weathering a beastly assault on his poor nipple, Zac took his counterattack below the belt.

  5. Amy Schumer gets some sugar from Amber Rose

    Just ignore the camera, ladies! Just... ignore the... you have no idea there's even a camera there, do you. DO YOU.

  6. And finally, it's a giant lovefest when "The Fault in Our Stars" wins movie of the year

    There was nothing inappropriate about this love-fest, but it was epic nonetheless! The cameras could only capture a couple hugs at a time, but more embracing happened in the 30 seconds after "The Fault in Our Stars" took the evening's top honor than had happened during the entire rest of the ceremony.