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17 Glorious Movie Awards Memories You Need To Re-Live Right Now

Catch up on every unforgettable moment.

If you can't get enough of the Movie Awards, we got you covered. The show on Sunday night packed zillions of pop culture jokes, smooth AF dance moves and sexual references into two hours. Statistically speaking, you were bound to miss something.

That's why we rounded up every can't-miss moment you need to remember from this year's show below. Here's what everyone can't stop talking about:

  1. The Hilarious Opening Sketch

    Amy Schumer was rejected by the "Pitch Perfect 2" Barden Bellas, discovered her "Divergent" life destiny, confronted J.K. Simmons, attended a "The Fault In Our Stars" support group, got fashion advice from "Mockingjay, Part 1"'s Effie Trinket and shot an arrow through Jimmy Kimmel's heart. Phew.

    Clearly Schumer had a busy night. You can watch the full LOL-worthy clip here.

  2. This AMAZING Joke

    *handclap emoji* (ICYMI, Hillary Clinton announced her presidential candidacy earlier today. Get more deets here.)

  3. Vin Diesel Paying Tribute To Paul Walker

    When Vin Diesel presented the award for Best Female Performance -- which went to Shailene Woodley for "The Fault In Our Stars" -- he took the opportunity to commemorate Walker with a song from "Furious 7."

  4. Channing Tatum Getting His Twerk On

    When J.Lo accepted her Golden Popcorn for Best Scared-As-Sh-t Performance, she asked Tatum for some dance moves -- and he happily obliged.

  5. Amy Schumer Getting Cozy With Amber Rose

    OK, maybe a little bit more than cozy. The Kiss Cam captured this moment the Internet can't stop talking about.

  6. Shailene Woodley And Miles Teller Making Everyone Jealous Of Their Friendship

    When Teller presented Woodley with the Trailblazer award, he gushed about what a wonderful friend and person she is. It's clear Woodley and Teller have an epic friendship history, and we can't stop d'awwing.

    And then when she and co-star Ansel Elgort won Best Kiss for "The Fault In Our Stars," Woodley said, "If you ever wondered what it's like to kiss your brother, it's kinda great."

    I mean, the whole kissing your brother thing is kinda iffy, but we know what Woodley meant with the reference to their double duty in "TFIOS" and "Divergent." And even though Elgort couldn't be at the Movie Awards, he was cheering his co-stars and friends on from home.

  7. Everyone was shirtless

    The show's ushers were shirtless. The stage manager was shirtless. The guy who gave Nicole Byer and Rachel Antonoff water on the red carpet was shirtless. And most importantly, Zac Efron was halfway shirtless, which isn't as good as totally shirtless, but we'll take what we can get. (That's Cara Delevingne getting handsy in this GIF, BTW. Aren't you jealous?)

  8. Fall Out Boy And Fetty Wap Killed It

    The band and rapper rocked the stage with a combo of "Centuries" and "Trap Queen."

  9. The Avengers Kneeled Before Robert Downey Jr.

    Enough said.

  10. Robert Downey Jr.'s Words Of Wisdom

    Robert Downey Jr. took home the Movie Awards' Generation award, which was presented by the Avengers. His acceptance speech was inspiring and just as inspirational as the dance he did beforehand.

  11. Semi-shirtless Zac Efron Getting Handsy

    Efron won Best Duo with his "Neighbors" co-star Dave Franco. Efron grabbed Franco's junk. That is all.

  12. A Kitty-Filled Performance

    Charli XCX, Ty Dolla Sign and Tinashe performed "Famous" and "Drop That Kitty." Cats were having a moment at the Movie Awards this year.

  13. Tinashe's Dance Moves


  14. Rebel Wilson Looking Angelic ... Literally

    Rebel Wilson traded in her cape for a pair of angel wings when she presented Best Male Performance with her "Pitch Perfect 2" co-stars.

    The crew also gave us an exclusive look at a brand-spanking-new "Pitch Perfect 2" clip -- after Wilson filled us in on how she "accidentally showed [her] girl power to the president of the U.S." in the movie. We have SO MANY QUESTIONS.

  15. Kevin Hart Won The Comedic Genius award

    In his acceptance speech, he talked about his kids and how much he cares about making their lives awesome. Adorable.

  16. Bella Thorne Made Us "Scream"

    Bella introduced the first trailer for the new MTV series "Scream," and it was straight-up terrifying. You can watch the full trailer here, but forewarning: You will see things you can't unsee.

  17. "The Fault In Our Stars" Won Movie Of The Year

    In the acceptance speech, author John Green gave special shout-outs to his BFF Nat Wolff, who stars in the upcoming "Paper Towns," and Esther Earl, the cancer patient who inspired the TFIOS novel.

    "Esther, I love you, I miss you, this is for you," Green told the audience. Everyone awwed, everyone hugged. And that's a wrap!

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