This 2-Year-Old Can Barely Speak But He Can Definitely DJ

He's two years old and he's spinning circles around your friend's Ableton attempts.

You're never too young to pursue your dreams. Just look at South Africa's Oratilwe Hlongwane, otherwise known as DJ AJ. At just two years old, Oratilwe has already become a viral sensation for his jaw dropping skills as a burgeoning DJ.

So how did the little dynamo get into the game? Credit his parents. Glen Hlongwane, Oratilwe's father, purchased an iPad before Oratilwe was even born. The iPad was loaded with educational apps to boost Oratilwe's education. His father also downloaded a DJing app for himself. After excelling at the regular child development apps at only a year old, Oratilwe began playing with the DJ app. Oratilwe then began to replicate the sounds he created on the DJ app using real DJing equipment. Talk about a fast learner! Do we have a little Calvin Harris on our hands?

"I'm not going to exploit my kid," said Oratilwe's father. Glen and Oratilwe's mother, Refiloe Marumo, have no plans of turning the tiny DJ into a bonafide professional. They nixed out any club or party appearances. Instead, they're hoping his love of gadgets will translate to a general love of science and technology.

Until then, fans can watch and listen in awe at Oratilwe's skills. After a cell phone video of Oratilwe went viral, DJ AJ racked up more than 25,000 Facebook fans. Are you paying attention, Calvin Harris?