Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sound The Alarm: Beyonce Has Arrived At Coachella

She's glowing.

Celebrities shine at Coachella. They float, they shimmer, they glow with an inner light: This is their time.

Beyoncé is America's favorite celebrity, Beyoncé is attending Coachella, and thus Beyoncé had the best Coachella image, bar none.

She posted the snap on her Instagram in GIF form: check it out below.

In the picture, Queen Bey stands in front of a small plane with her arms outstretched and her hair blowing in the wind. Beyoncé always looks in control, but here she is clearly in her element: She's wearing a flowy bandana print dress, an armful of bangles, dark sunglasses, a big floppy hat, and an expression of triumph. In true Coachella fashion, she's also holding what looks like a fan and bottle of juice.

She captioned the image "Coachella" followed by a cute string of flower and bumblebee emojis.

Artists playing at Coachella: Step your game up, because Beyoncé might be in the crowd.