'Unfriended' Plays a Deadly Game Of Never Have I Ever In This Exclusive Clip

Want to play a game?

Everybody's played the party game Never Have I Ever at least once in their lives... but usually the game isn't being led by a ghost that wants to kill you.

That's exactly what 6 teenagers have to deal with in "Unfriended," when a mysterious online presence interrupts their video chat to seeks revenge on them for cyberbullying a high school classmate (played by Heather Sossaman) into committing suicide. Even more chilling, the film takes place entirely over the same social media accounts all of us use every day.

MTV has this exclusive clip from the movie, in which Blaire (Shelley Hennig), Jess (Renee Olstead), Val (Courtney Halverson), Ken (Jacob Wysocki), Adam (Will Peltz), and Mitch (Moses Jacob Storm) are forced to admit how they've betrayed one another over the past year or suffer deadly consequences:

Unfriended arrives in theaters on April 17th. Will you be watching?