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'Star Wars’ Newcomer Felicity Jones Tells Us About What Kind Of Lightsaber She Wants

It's an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

"Rogue One," the Gareth-Edwards directed "Star Wars" spin-off recently made official by Lucasfilm, won't soar into theaters until two years from now in May 2017. Which means that Felicity Jones, the movie's lead heroine, is going to have to be pretty tight-lipped about the film's script for quite a while.

But there's one thing she CAN tell us -- about how excited she is to be joining the "Star Wars" family! While on a press junket for her upcoming drama "True Story," Felicity talked a bit about what it's like be starting on this sci-fi journey, and even revealed to MTV News what color lightsaber she'd want to own if the elegant weapons were real.

Check out what she says in the video below:

Yup, pink! You go, girl.

Of course, the odds that that Felicity will be wielding the ancient jedi blade in "Rogue One" are probably very slim -- especially considering that by our best guess, the movie will probably be about Rebel pilots -- but if she did get her hands on her dream lightsaber, here's what we think it would look like:

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Seems like a good fit, don't you think?

"True Story" arrives in theaters on April 17.