5 (Really Unexpected) Romantic Overtures From This Week's 'Finding Carter'

And while love was in the air, it may wreak some good old-fashioned havoc.

As the old song goes, a kiss is just a kiss. Or is it?

On tonight's "Finding Carter," there were more than a few romantic moments that may have serious implications: One could put the final nail in Maxlor's coffin, while another showed the Wilsons' marriage may really-truly-finally be kaput. And the others -- well, put on your seatbelts and see for yourself. Here are five unexpected kissy-face "Carter" scenes that and are bound to cause some bumps in the road:

  1. Bird looks like she's about to make out with...Max.

    During a bash at her place, the fun-loving gal got touchy-feely with the long-haired hunk, saying she needed his "big, manly muscles" to further set up the party. But when she shouted, "It's hot tub time!", donned a bikini, and tried to pull Max into the water with her, we were sure some tongue action would follow. It didn't, but that doesn't mean a certain someone didn't get hella jealous...

  2. Taylor really does make out with...Ofe.

    After seeing Max almost get soaking wet with Bird, the Wilson twin grabbed the O-Man, led him inside, and proceeded to prove her evolution from shy girl to wild woman is complete. RIP, Maxlor?

  3. Elizabeth (almost) makes out with...Kyle.

    When her former paramour showed up at the Wilson house to drop off some work files, their platonic goodbye hug nearly turned into a lust-filled smooch. Nearly. "I can't," Elizabeth said, pulling away and explaining that she and David are working on their own wounded relationship. Too bad Mr. Wilson doesn't have the same intentions...

  4. David (obviously) wants to make out with...Hillary.

    Even though the author had already sworn to Grant that he was just pals with his pretty teacher's assistant, by the end of the episode, he was -- surprise! -- asking her out on a date. Okay, question #1: Does this mean he's officially kicking his wife to the curb? Question #2: Hasn't E suffered enough? Question #3: Can this dude ever be trusted?

  5. Carter makes out with...Crash!

    After her unpleasant episode with Lori -- she visited her biological mom in prison only to be reminded that the woman is a manipulative, delusional wackjob -- Carter found comfort in her ex-flame's arms. And his lips -- their steamy session led us to believe that the on-again, off-again pair are definitely back on. Three words for you: ELIZABETH'S. GONNA. FREAK.

So tell us: Do you think Maxlor are finally dunzo? And is Carter really getting back together with Crash? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and be sure to catch next week's "Finding Carter" on Tuesday at 10/9c!