12 Reasons Jane And Trent From 'Daria' Are The Best Siblings Ever

Meet your #siblinggoals.

By Kim Proschka

Brace yourself, National Sibling Day is here.

And we all know what that means. Today, millions of Instagram accounts all over the United States will be flooded with grainy childhood snapshots featuring sentimental anecdotes, lots of heart emojis and the claim that that specific person (whose Instagram you're currently creeping on) has "the best sibling ever."

Obviously, they can't possibly all be accurate. But does your sibling have what it takes?

We've conducted some highly scientific research and analyzed the ultimate #OTSP (A.K.A. the one true sibling pairing) -- "Daria"'s Jane and Trent Lane -- to determine what makes a sibling "the best ever" and whether you and your significant sibling qualify.

Do you and your sibling satisfy three or more of the following criteria? Congratulations, you are officially "the best siblings ever." Or, like, you know...among them.

  1. You lead similar lifestyles.

    Monkey see, monkey do.

  2. You share the same outlook on life.

    A.K.A. You hate the same things.

  3. You can tell each other everything.

    Which doesn't mean you always will.

  4. You give each other the best advice.

    Which doesn't mean you will always take it.

  5. You are very protective of each other.

    "Hey, they only person that can pick on my brother/sister is me!"

  6. You support each other's life decisions.

    However stupid they may be.

  7. You like to mess with each other.

    Never underestimate the power of annoyance by a sibling.

  8. You fight like little kids.


  9. You always have a master plan.

    Disclaimer: These "master plans" might not always lead to the desired outcome.

  10. You share the same friends.

    You know you have the best sibling when they're cool with your dating their friend. Just sayin'.

  11. You're partners in crime.

    The OG How to Get Away With Murder, TBH.

  12. You're always there for each other.

    But, you know, like, whatever. NBD.

Happy National Sibling Day!