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Kylie Jenner Brought Back Her Teal Hair In A Major Way

Kylie Jenner has been keeping things low-key and brunette for a while now, but as of yesterday, her colorful side, the one that's down for experimenting with different hair colors—just not pink and purple, OK?—is back! Kylie has returned to her preferred teal shade in a major way.

Kylie shared this bathroom mirror selfie—soooo MySpace, right??—to debut her new hair color and while it's definitely a hue she's dabbled in before, this appears to be a lighter, more pastel shade of teal. Actually, it's not far off from the "mermaid"-inspired color Hilary Duff unveiled a few weeks ago. It also appears to be one solid color all over, as opposed to her former ombre-ish look, which kept her roots dark.

Kylie captioned the photo "the road trip begins.." which is a little confusing because, um, she's in a bathroom and not in a car, but it seems likely she's referring to the ride to Palm Springs, where Coachella is kicking off today. If that is, in fact, where she's going, she was obviously thinking ahead: No need for a festival totem—her friends will be able to spot her from, like, a mile away.