We Took Everything In The Movie Awards Swag Bag And Fed It To A Dinosaur

Dino's living his best dino life.

Year in and year out, we're bombarded with pictures of our favorite celebrities backstage at awards show gifting suites, ogling the latest swag and snatching up freebies like nobody's business. Seeing all of these fabulous treats, we can't help but wonder: what on earth would a dinosaur do with the contents of that gift bag?

Well, when it comes to the fantastic array of goodies on offer at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, we won't have to wonder, because we set a dinosaur loose on the gift bag.

Actually, the dinosaur was part of the gift bag (the "Jurassic World" chomping dino head hand puppet, of course), but who's keeping track anyway?

Getty Images

Pretty impressive spread, right?

Let's see what our dinosaur made of it.

  • Dinosaurs love coffee, even when they lack arms to properly pick up the cup.

    Naughty Girls Donut Shop mug, coffee and shirt.

  • Think dinos are cool with getting caught in the rain? Think again.

    Knirps USA umbrella and case.

  • Oral care is especially important for dinosaurs, lest their teeth become fossils.

    DenTek Oral Care.

  • How else is a dino supposed to color-code?

    STAEDTLER-Mars fineline pens.

  • Who got an invitation to the fringe party and RSVPed yes? Dino, of course.


  • Prehistoric? Why, dino, you don't look a day over 22!

    Era Organics.

  • Even herbivores love a personalized snack.

    My M&Ms.

  • Slim dino wrists are perfect for bangles.

    Ronaldo Designer Jewelry "Hero" bracelet.

  • Hi, this is dino, who's calling? Well, hello, luxury. How are you?

    "Crystals on Fire" COF Designs by Stephanie custom Movie Awards phone case.

  • Even dinos have to protect their soles.

    Maliba Jane flip-flops.

  • Like, what else is a self-respecting dinosaur meant to snack on at the movies?

    Johnson's Popcorn.

  • Did someone say fun in the sun? Hope so, because that's certainly what dino heard.


  • Dino isn't feeling too confident in the kitchen, but that's about to change.

    Green Chef.

  • Dino lives its best life while bedazzled. This will help.

    Gypsy Soule

  • A skull on a dino just adds a nice touch of irony, right? Dino sure thinks so.

    Tarina Tarantino.

  • Dino loves bounce. And empowering women. Perfect.

    STK MKT Entertainment #LoveMyBounce shorts.

  • Dino drinks responsibly.

    Rum Diplomatico.

  • Did someone say 'looks like rose quartz but enhances the taste of tequila'?

    The Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses.

  • Dino doesn't think snail mail is Stone Age.
    MTV note cards.

  • Dino didn't want to eat these sunglasses, but we bet he'd look pretty fly wearing them.

    Calvin Klein eyewear by Marchon

(Also included in gift bag: Lauren Merkin Handbags men’s wallet, Lenox Corporation – Marchesa Couture Sapphire Plume Demi Cup & Saucer, gift card, Ernest Alexander overnight bag, HarperCollins book, Mulia, Mulia Resorts and Villas in Nusa Dua, Bali five-night stay and Spin Master Inc.'s Hedbanz.)