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President Obama Visited The Bob Marley Museum In Jamaica: Here's What He Thought

The Commander-in-Chief has been a Marley fan since high school.

President Obama landed in Kingston, Jamaica on Wednesday (Apr. 8), making news as the first President to visit the country in three decades.

During his stay, President Obama took time out for a trip to the Bob Marley Museum.

“What a wonderful tour,” the President said, according to The Associated Press.

During a press conference captured by NowThis, the President opened up bit more about what the visit meant to him.

“The quick trip that I made last night to Bob Marley’s house was one of the more fun meetings I’ve had since I’ve been President," he explained. "I was a big fan since I was in high school.”

Obama is the first President to visit Jamaica since Ronald Reagan’s 1982 trip.

After his trip to Jamaica, the President is scheduled to attend this year’s Summit of Americas, taking place Friday (Apr. 10) and Saturday (Apr. 11), the report says.

In recent months, President Obama made headlines when he supported efforts to ban the use of conversion therapy for minors and when talked about the legalization of marijuana.

On a lighter note, the Commander-in-Chief also recently tried (and failed) to console screaming children who were afraid of bees.