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Suge Knight Is Facing A Murder Charge, But He's Unhappy About Sitting In A Wheelchair

So much to worry about.

Suge Knight has a lot on his plate at the moment, like facing a murder charge that could land him life in prison, but the former Death Row Records executive is still worried about a few other things as well.

TMZ reports that during a court hearing on Wednesday, Apr. 8, Suge decided to complain to the judge about having to sit in a wheelchair.

"I'm being chained to some type of chair [that] they're pushing me in and it makes the situation worse," he told the judge. "I walked perfectly fine from county jail to the bus, to here, and then when I get here it makes the matters worse..."

Before he could get to his second point, the judge interrupted to explain that he authorized the use of the wheelchair, since Suge previously claimed that he was paralyzed on one side of his body. He added that "it wont happen again," if that would make him feel better.

But that wasn't enough for Suge Knight, who seemed impatient to remain there even for the brief hearing.

"Can I sit in a regular chair please?" he demanded.

Suge will stand trial for murder and attempted murder charges, following a fatal hit-and-run in January.

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