Should 'Finding Carter''s Crash Be Given A Second Chance?

His apology to Max seemed sincere, but his past is tough to overlook...

Maybe a tiger can never change his stripes, but can he expunge his criminal record and make amends with a man he nearly killed?

Crash, "Finding Carter"'s resident delinquent lost boy, bore through the end of Season 1 like a bullet when he shot Carter's best friend Max through the chest. Max, who was working as a gas station cashier, had refused to hand over the business' stacks of cash that Crash had demanded, and in an instant, found himself on the floor in a pool of his own blood. While Max lay dying, Crash attempted to skip town but was apprehended by Elizabeth and thrown in jail for the foreseeable future...until Tuesday night's episode.

Yup, to the horror of...seemingly everyone, Crash -- who'd begun his own contrition tour -- popped up at Max's rehab facility desperate to plead his case and land in Max's good graces. Understandably, Max, who's still on a long road to recovery, didn't want to hear it and told the troublemaker to kick rocks. And so, Crash obliged and left.

Still, Crash wasn't done trying and, later, determinedly showed up to Bird's party to try to apologize again. Instead of finding Max, though, Crash was met by a belligerent Carter, who swore him off in a flurry of imprecations, and Gabe, who echoed Carter's sentiment by giving Crash a black eye. Wounded, Crash refused to fight back -- insisting he had changed -- and left before things got out of hand.

Finally, as part of a last-ditch effort to earn forgiveness, Crash appeared at another one of Max's appointments and insisted that the gunfire that landed Max in the hospital was an accident triggered by a faulty firearm.

"I've had more chances than I deserve," Crash begged. "You're a good person. You didn't deserve what I did."

"I'm trying to take responsibility -- I'm trying to grow up," he added.

Finally, Max begrudgingly agreed to give Crash a chance and let bygones be bygones (at least temporarily). But does Crash deserve a second look? Even if he gets the benefit of the doubt, he's still driving a wedge between Max and Taylor -- who's livid that Max even entertained the idea of forgiving Crash. Plus, Max aside, Crash has left a wake of hurt people, damaged property and burned bridges behind him.

Whaddya think -- would you give Crash another shot? Sound off, and tune in to the next "Finding Carter" episode Tuesday night at 10/9c!