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Run Through The 6 Like Drake In This New iPhone Game

You can now be Drizzy thanks to this app.

Drake rhymes about running through the 6 with his woes on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’s "Know Yourself,” and now you can do the same thanks to a new iPhone game.

The logo for the app, which is available through iTunes, features a mini Drake cartoon literally running through the number 6.

Gamers have started sharing the experience on Instagram, showing how you can run through the number 6 as a miniature Drizzy, but if you hit a wheelchair (a la Drake as “Degrassi’s” Jimmy), sad emojis pop up and it appears the game is over.

And fans seem to be enjoying it.

It looks like the app world has fallen in love with Drake.

After If Youre Reading This Its Too Late dropped, developers allowed us to create our own versions of the cover. Then the Drizzy keyboard app dropped, allowing us to text in Drake lyrics. Now we can actually be him and run through the city? Amazing.

Meanwhile, Drake's gearing up for Coachella, which he's set to headline this weekend.