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7 Times Lady Gaga's Engagement Ring Stole The Spotlight On Instagram

In February, Lady Gaga got engaged to Taylor Kinney. Since then, her huge, heart-shaped engagement ring has made numerous appearances on her Instagram feed. And though it never is credited as the focal point of the photos, it 100% is. Always.

  1. 'Manicure addict'

    Gaga shared this photo with the caption, "Manicure addict. I'm surprised my nails haven't fallen off." Ummm, yeah, no one is looking at your French tips—sorry, Gaga.

  2. '#FeatherFrench'

    This photo also was intended to focus on her manicure, a French manicure upgraded by feather tips. I didn't even notice there was a long feather hanging off of her index finger. Seriously.

  3. '#DirtyFrench'

    Gaga shared the finished look with the trimmed feathers but, um, if your eyes aren't focused on the upper-right hand corner of the photo, I don't know what to tell you.

  4. 'First Bridal Week Activity'

    The activity is not, surprisingly, learning how to pose with your clutch in a car.

  5. 'Seeing happiness in the lives of all my friends'

    While this photo is an adaptation of the #EvaChenPose—feet on the seat, bag and shoes in plain view—there's one, um, glittery addition in the foreground.

  6. 'Get the coffee'

    Not my typical going to get coffee pose—mine is less relaxed-looking, by a lot—but sure, get that coffee, Gaga.

  7. 'Happy life'

    And, finally, one where the ring is ~supposed~ to be the focal point of the photo, but, um, what is going on in the background? Liiiike, she's wearing a corset and drinking champagne? I need details, please.