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Justin Bieber Saw The 'Entourage' Movie And Realized Who His Ari Gold Is

Of course Mark Wahlberg had a screening for JB.

Every crew has one, or thinks they have one. That guy who is TOTALLY a Turtle, or a Johnny Drama, or Vinny, or, if you're less lucky and don't mind getting yelled at and insulted, an Ari. That's just one reason that so many people are getting psyched for the "Entourage" movie, due out on June 5.

But Justin Bieber has a different reason to get excited about the boys' first big screen adventure. Thanks to his pal (and "Entourage" mastermind) Mark Wahlberg, JB said he got to see an advance screening of the movie recently and it made him realize something pretty profound about his mentor/manager Scooter Braun.

Yes, Scooter IS Ari Gold, the phone-smashing, assistant-abusing, neurotic agent, who, at series end, turned out to be a true family man with a heart of gold. (Or maybe titanium).

Wait, this guy?

GC Images/Noel Vasquez

If you say so, Justin.