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All The Ways Not Having Class On Friday Changes Your Life

You sleep in. OK, you sleep all day.

Course registration period is basically "The Hunger Games" of college. Everyone wants the same classes during the same time slots, and it takes a lot of haggling and pleading to get professors to admit you into an already-full course.

Having a 9 a.m. Friday morning is like being killed within 30 seconds of being in the arena. Having no class on Fridays -- yep, a three-day weekend -- is equivalent to winning the Games two years in a row. That person, typically a second semester senior, is a true victor.

Hopefully you'll be lucky enough to experience the glory that is a no-class Friday in college. When you do, here's what will happen:

  • You stay up ungodly late on Thursday (even if it's just in your room)

    Sometimes you'll go out, sure, but even if you're not going out, you'll binge-watch Netflix 'til the wee hours of the morning just because you can.

  • You sleep in obnoxiously late on Friday

    This happens as a direct result of #1.

  • You not-so-subtly brag about not having class on Fridays

    Everyone will get annoyed at you because they DO have class on Fridays. But when they eventually have Fridays off in a future semester, they'll brag to you too. It's basically tradition.

  • You procrastinate all the things

    Yeah, you do this every day, but the procrastination bug is particularly strong on Fridays. You have all weekend to do laundry, wash the dishes, etc. Why bother getting a start on them now?

  • You pretend to study

    Speaking of procrastination, you have all weekend to study for Monday's exam -- so you're not actually desperate enough to study for it yet. Instead, in a feeble attempt to appear productive, you carry your books and laptop to the busiest study spot on campus. You tell yourself you're going to hit the books, but you already strategically placed yourself in a place where you're bound to run into someone to talk to.

  • You work or intern

    You plan this one out carefully, though. You only work in the afternoon so the hours don't conflict with valuable morning beauty sleep or evening happy hours. Ah, the glory of part-time work-study jobs that (usually) let you set your own hours.

  • You often peace out for the weekend

    When every weekend is a three-day weekend, it's easy to rationalize leaving town. If your home is too far away from campus to visit, you meet up with friends at nearby schools.

  • You tell yourself you're going to develop a hobby

    With free Fridays, you suddenly have the spare time to take up a new hobby or explore new interests. Maybe it's joining clubs or taking a guitar lesson or something. Whatever it is, it likely doesn't happen because you're too busy sleeping in from Thursday night's "SVU" marathon per #2. Womp.

  • Similarly, you tell yourself today's the day you're gonna hit the gym

    You don't have classes, you don't have an excuse. But then you stay out late on Thursday night and wake up too tired or hungover to make it.

  • You get caught up on all your TV shows

    All your friends are in class. There's no one to hang out with. What other deceivingly productive thing can you do from bed all day? Also, if Jennifer Lawrence can get away with it and still be awesome, so can you.

  • You get spoiled

    A three-day weekend EVERY weekend? Hello, that is so not how the real world works. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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