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Lil Wayne Didn't Drop His Lawsuit Against Cash Money

Things changed. But not too much.

It doesn't seem like Lil Wayne is much closer to resolving his problems with Cash Money. Rumors that Weezy has decided to drop a $51 million lawsuit against his longtime label are simply that -- rumors.

Rolling Stone received confirmation from Lil Wayne's lawyer, Ron Sweeney, who explained why confusing reports about the lawsuit have surfaced. It turns out that the suit is simply being moved from New York, to New Orleans, where Wayne signed with the label back in 1998.

"We gave them until [Monday], April 6th to file an answer," Sweeney told RS. "[Cash Money] said they were going to challenge the venue, so at that point, it was a waste of time and money, so we all agreed that we would dismiss the action [in New York] and Wayne and [his record label] Young Money would re-file in New Orleans."

Wayne's legal team gave further details on the lawsuit, writing:

"Lil Wayne and Young Money LLC have entered into a stipulation with Cash Money the effect of which is to transfer the claims raised in the action which had been commenced in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to the Federal and/or State Courts of Louisiana. The claims previously asserted by Lil Wayne and Young Money LLC against Cash Money for substantial monies owed and breach of fiduciary duty have not been settled and will be prosecuted in Louisiana as expeditiously as possible."

If all of the legal talk is a bit confusing to you, then refer to Lil Wayne's recent declaration at a Florida show, to understand his current feelings about the label.